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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

About Us

Something In Me is dedicated to those who thrive on pushing the boundaries of human endeavour and achieving the seemingly impossible. We feature videos that celebrate human physical ability, ambition, and ingenuity, and we shine a spotlight on the world’s most talented video creators, giving them a platform to be seen.

The Talent

Do you want to be featured on Something In Me? Submit your talent for your chance. We accept a remarkably wide variety of videos, and we know that awesomeness comes in many forms, so whether you’re a skateboarder, a weightlifter, a competitive jump roper, a champion cup stacker, a juggler, a skier, a kite flier, a street artist, a fitness phenom, or any other type of awesome, we want to see your clips.

Each one of us has a hidden talent within us. Some may have a talent to write beautiful stories, some are good at deep meaning drawings yet some others are good at expressing vocally by singing their heart out or some energetic amongst you may dance their expression out. A lot of time, we feel the urge, the need to share this unique talent out. Yet we cannot find the right click from the audience. And we blame our self for lack of creativity or something else.

We are here to set this train of thought away by giving you a platform to share your creativity in any form such as music, art, dance, writing etc. so that you don’t have to worry about audience or recognition. We can assure you that we can get you a huge number of the audience simply for nothing. You read us right, we present this opportunity for free at no cost.

Our Bricks

the Leaders Behind the Something In Me Organisation

Vinuthnaah Neela

Founder of the Organisation

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Co-Founder of the organisation

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Meghana Saari

CEO and UX Designer of the Organisation

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co-CEO of the Organisation

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